Cocaine trafficker sentenced to three years jail

Abena Rogers
Abena Rogers

[]A woman was sentenced to three years in jail and fined $120,000 for possession of cannabis and cocaine for the purpose of trafficking.

Thirty – one – year old Abena Rogers of Stewartsville, West Coast Demerara pleaded guilty to four counts of possession of narcotics for trafficking. The particulars of the case state that on October 30 at her home she had 6.6 grams of cannabis on her possession along with 6.2 grams of cocaine.

Additionally, the accused was also charged with selling one gram of cocaine and cannabis on October 30.

The prosecution’s case revealed that a rank acting on information received went to the accused home dressed in plain clothes pretending to be a customer and purchased 1 gram of cocaine from the accused after which he alerted other ranks who arrived and conducted a search on the woman’s home where the illegal substance were found.

After hearing the case, the Chief Magistrate fined the accused $30,000 on each charge along with three years in jail for each charge which will run concurrently. [Royan Abrams]



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