Cocaine mule passes out 60 pellets


By Leroy Smith

Stephon James Watson

[] – Twenty – eight – year old Stephon James Watson has passed out approximately 60 pellets of cocaine, amounting to some 680 grammes.

Watson, of Patentia West Bank Demerara, was busted by the Police Narcotics Branch on Monday, February 16 as he attempted to board a LIAT Flight at the Ogle International Airport. Police suspected him after he was sweating profusely.

Upon questioning from the ranks, Watson admitted to swallowing the pellets.

Doctors have advised the police that he needs to take another X-Ray to ensure that there are no more pellets. Watson told the police that he cannot recall how many pellets he swallowed prior to making attempts to board the flight to Antigua.

Police sources close to the investigation revealed that Watson is a frequent flyer, who is in the business of manufacturing furniture. iNews understands that Monday’s flight would have been his fourth trip to Antigua.