Cocaine in fish suspects to make court appearance Monday


Three persons are expected to face the Courts soon following their arrest after a quantity of cocaine was discovered in a cargo shipment of frozen fish at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Timehri, on Wednesday.

The shipper along with his sister is expected to be charged on Monday for the illegal substance and their accomplice, a businessman, will be charged for perverting the course of justice.

fishIt is being alleged that he attempted to pay a bribe to law enforcement officials when the cocaine was unearthed.

Meanwhile, the seven other individuals who were detained in police custody were released yesterday. Ranks of the Police Narcotics Branch on Wednesday morning intercepted and seized six kilograms and 44 grams of cocaine in the cargo shipment of frozen fish.

The shipment in question is said to have contained several boxes of the seafood. This bust comes as the Guyana Police Force (GPF) is intensifying its efforts to clamp down on the scourge of drug trafficking. INews understands that this consignment of frozen fish was destined for the United States of America.
Last month, Sarfraz Jalaladeen, 30, of Riverview, Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was busted at the CJIA with almost 12 pounds of cocaine in milk powder packets. He was sentenced to serve four years in prison and fined $16.3 million. Reports are that the welder who was travelling for the first time to the United States via a Caribbean Airlines flight was intercepted by members of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) after they became suspicious on noticing several packets of what appeared to be powdered milk in the man’s suitcases.

A closer examination revealed that the milk packets were resealed and a further check was undertaken. It was then that the ranks realised that the contents of the packets were cocaine. He was arrested and taken to CANU headquarters where the illegal substance was weighed and proved to be just over 6kg.

The suspect told CANU ranks that he was promised US$7000 to traffic the illegal substance to New York but did not say if he was paid an advance.




  1. Seems the recipe in Guyana has changed Andrew zimmerman and Anthony Bourdain will take notes,Fish dusted with cocaine,not flour anymore,appetizing.


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