Cocaine found in baggage hold of Dynamic Int’l Airways after arriving at JFK


A package of cocaine was unearthed in the baggage hold of a Dynamic Airways Flight which left Guyana and arrived at the John F Kennedy (JFK) Airport, NY, on Tuesday evening, according to reports.

dynamicIn light of this, ranks of the Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit (CANU) have begun a probe into the operations at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA).

Reports are the package with the illegal substance was placed into the baggage hold by a local handler and was discovered by a handling staff while clearing the luggage from the aircraft upon its arrival in the US.

INews understands that the handler at JFK immediately alerted his supervisors of the find as well as the drug enforcement unit at the US airport.

The cocaine is said to weigh just over two pounds.

Thus far, several handlers have already been questioned about the matter as investigations into the matter continue.

INews also understands that drug enforcement officers are working on the theory that the cocaine has been placed into the holding area and was supposed to be collected by a particular individual in the US.

US authorities are said to be assisting CANU in its investigations.

It is important to note that of recent, CANU has been successful in intercepting cocaine as persons attempt to smuggle the lucrative commodity through the CJIA in Guyana.

Some cases have been recorded where the illegal substance passed security and ended up on the aircraft but was successfully intercepted at the JFK International Airport.

As a result of this, CANU and the Police Narcotics Branch have beefed up their surveillance at the main port of entry.



  1. These drug lords just have NO intention whatsoever to STOP their trade on blood – even as they seem to ‘enjoy’ their high life living, NOT ONE of them have been apprehended so far; only the little mules.

  2. What about if this was a diversionary “find” and the hot heavy shipment was on another flight arriving around the same time when all the agencies were focused on this only ?

  3. Cocaine found in baggage hold of Dynamic Int’l Airways after arriving at JFK.
    Something went wrong on the receiver in the US..


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