Coalition’s budgeting strategy was aimed at expenditures that are non-revenue in nature – Seeraj

Government Member of Parliament Dharamkumar Seeraj

Government Member of Parliament Dharamkumar Seeraj blasted the previous Coalition Government over its budgeting strategy, which he said was based on spending in areas that did not generate revenues for the country.
During his 2020 Budget presentation, Seeraj referred to the 100 per cent increase in employment at the Guyana Water Inc (GWI) under the Coalition administration even though the output was around 9 per cent.
“This shows clearly that the previous administration’s budgeting strategy was aimed at expenditures that are of a non-revenue in nature; and a country cannot develop by spending in areas where you cannot hope to generate revenues,” he argued.
A similar situation, he noted, existed in many other areas of the public service where employment skyrocketed.
He reminded that the nation was told of the “fantastic salaries” for these persons, most of whom were not performing as expected with some not even turning up to work.
He added that not only were they unproductive but “they were also given cover by the big ones”.
Seeraj contended that this is among the reasons for the Coalition Government “after five short years being back in the Opposition, where they belong”.
Seeraj rubbished claims by the Opposition that Budget 2020 is “private sector friendly” and there is nothing for anyone else.
According to Seeraj the present Government was faced with an uphill battle to address the COVID-19 pandemic because the previous administration failed to adequately address the health crisis, especially as it relates to testing, treatment and contact tracing.
He expressed that this resulted in almost every sector, including the commercial sector facing severe decline.
“The Private sector worldwide is recognised as the engine of growth and in a situation where we are faced with a pandemic, none of the sectors, especially the productive sector can perform without being given that enabling environment to do so, without enjoying the comfort of government policies in order to move forward with job creation.”
Seeraj contended that Budget 2020 makes provision for all sectors in the country to grow, including the productive sector.
Turning his attention to rice, Seeraj said that the APNU/AFC has boasted that rice production was the highest during their tenure in office, however, he argued that it was the PPP/C that laid the foundation for same to happen.