Coalition should bring curtains down on the elections circus – FITUG

L-R: Joseph Harmon, David Granger, and Khemraj Ramjattan

See full statement from the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG):

The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) recognizes the decision of Chief Justice (a.g.) Roxane George in the matter brought by Ms Misenga Jones.

The applicant who sought, in our view, some most perplexing and we daresay ambitious declarations has essentially been ruled out of line by the Chief Justice and her application fell flat on its face. This latest litigation has only contributed to the inordinate delay in the finalization of the elections results which remain undeclared now going on to five (5) months.

While we recognize Ms Jones’ attorneys have indicated their intention to appeal the Chief Justice’s erudite decision, we have to ask to what end this is being pursued. Though we uphold a litigant’s right to an appeal, we contend that this must be measured and carefully considered in the interest of justice and specifically in this matter the democratic election process which is stalemated. It appears to us that the continuation of the matter has a hopeless probability of success. We say this taking into account previous decisions which were upheld and adumbrated by Justice George in her decision. It, therefore, would be an unwelcome surprise for other Courts to walk back on previous decisions especially in the absence of any credible or worthwhile submission.

The Granger Government, which has sought to distance itself from this and previous matters, has also signaled its intention to file an appeal. By their actions, the Government has smashed the scanty veneer of separation which may have existed in the eyes of a few. The utterances of the Attorney-General, at the conclusion of the Chief Justice’s decision, for us is ominous and, for us, has brought shame to the professionalism of the legal profession. We contend that attorneys worth their salt will not pursue matters which they are cognizant that they have not even the slimmest possibility of success. That to us can be seen as professional suicide and brings into question the ethical training which those attorneys would receive.

We are fully well aware, however, that the Court actions are not driven by legalese but by narrow, selfish political considerations as the incumbent, even with one finger, seeks to hold on to political office. This too has cast shame on politicians past and present as the Coalition pursues, embarrassingly, its charade. The FITUG holds that the time has long gone for the APNU+AFC to bring the curtains down on its three ringed circus and spare the Guyanese people and nation further shame and greater anguish.