Clive Jagan believes PPP/C has stayed true to Jagan’s principles

Dr Clive Jagan [Far Left] makes a point

By Jomo Paul

Dr Clive Jagan [Far Left] makes a point
Dr Clive Jagan [Far Left] makes a point
[] – Cheddi Jagan’s nephew believes that the People’s Progressive Party/Civic has stayed true to the values and principles of its founder; though several political commentators and Jagan’s own son have opined otherwise.

Clive Jagan – a practicing dentist made the point while responding to questions posed by media operatives at a PPP Press conference on Wednesday April 15 at Freedom House.

Jagan who has appeared on the PPP/C Lists of Candidates variably over the years said that he still sees “the PPP as the party that will take us forward…the only party that has democracy at heart.”

When asked about the recent flaying criticisms that the Party was strayed from Jagan’s core values, Clive Jagan responded “I really don’t agree with that. I have seen development. Presumptions are made that they are moving away but there is no valid proof that the party has indeed moved away. They still stand for the same policies, they still stand for progress, they still stand for democracy…they still stand for freedom of the press and everything else is still going on.”

He was further questioned about the Party’s failure to have an inclusionary government since taking office in 1992 to which Jagan responded that the Opposition was at fault for that since they have been hostile towards to government.

“When the old man came into power in 92 he wanted inclusionary governance…some trust was needed to be established before they could move forward. But the opposition over this period has not really shown any (inclination towards this)..they have always been antagonistic,” said Jagan.

With respect to the lifestyle difference between the Party officials then and now, Jagan opined “he (Cheddi Jagan) was a very simple man…he had sheep in the yard to mow the lawn. Time has changed from then to now…people have achieved more.”



  1. Mr Fitz Ralph Obnoxious, Do you understand the the definition of the word “someone”?
    WE! not some one mr. ignorant! Your understanding is so poor because you think with a tortured mind. We explain to your Mediocre minds the four Doctors Jagan. All you PNC thinks of is to RIG and rig anything. For example please Google.
    “Mr. Burnham did it again: A look at how PNC rigged 1973 Elections in Guyana”
    Hoyte did worse in 1985 Elections When the PNC gave Hoyte 77.6% and 15 .6% to the PPP. WOW! I mean WOW!!!!

  2. If you compare the “donald duck” and Moses; who LOOK pregnant? talking about lies, you forgot Bharrat Jagdeo saying he will never seek political office? WHAT HAPPENED DAYS LATER?

    Guyana does NOT belong to you or your corrupt, thieving and heartless PPP parasites. It belongs to all Guyanese. Telling me to “go to Jonestown” displays the pompousness of the PPP and the disregard you Jagdeoites have for Guyanese.

    I am a proud Guyanese of Indian descent. I voted for PPP all my life. However, 23 years of thievery and corruption is enough. The PPP Ministers behave with impunity that is far worse than the PNC under Burnham. The children of the PPP leaders have a perverted sense of ownership and entitlement of Guyana. Enough is enough.

    For the betterment of Guyana, the PPP have to lose elections so that they can be brought to answer for their corruption. They have to realize that they are answerable to the electorate.

  3. Above anything else, is the great to have someone with the last name Jagan, to endorse these traitors who have hijacked Cheddie’s political party. …
    Clive’s pay must be Real Heavy, about one year of Jagdeo’s pension would set his corrupted mind ‘free’.

  4. Andrew lookna cheddi trevis etc. Your medicine bag definitely have bags of cocaine since you’re still working for Felix. Can you even touch Dr. Clive Jagan in your lifetime. Dr. Jagan has three sons that are doctors (PPP Doctors) and has recently open a state-of-the-Art Dental Centre that is an Multimillion dollars investment in helping in the Modernization of this growing Economy. Tell us what you and your PNC destroyer has done but cry, murmur, lie, and stymie development.
    Why all you PNC don’t go to Jonestown, and let we the PPP feed, clothe, and house you all. Don’t forget to take the pregnant NIMAKARAM with you PNC

  5. Dr. Clive Jagan, your medicine cabinet must have lots of sleeping pills. I know your conscience will not allow you to sleep properly.


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