CJ rules that persons cannot be de-registered

The scene outside the courtroom before the ruling was handed down.

Chief Justice (ag) Roxanne George has dismissed all the declarations and conservatory orders sought by Christopher Ram in his application challenging the constitutionality of the house-to-house registration and compelling GECOM and others to hold elections by September 18, 2019.

In her ruling, she concluded that the house-to-house exercise being conducted is not unlawful or unconstitutional.

However, she did note that it is unconstitutional for qualified persons to be removed from the National Register of Registrants if they are not in the jurisdiction or is otherwise not at their residence during the registration exercise.

Further, the Chief Justice also threw out the two applications filed within the consolidated cases on house to house registration. These are the application of the court’s biasness in the matter and the application for challenging retaining SC Stanley Marcus to represent GECOM in these matters.