City Treasurer’s Office burglarized; Councilor believes it was staged to cover up fraud


By Tracey Khan Drakes

Deputy Mayor, Patricia Chase - Green
Deputy Mayor, Patricia Chase – Green

[] – Persons allegedly broke into the City Treasurers Office at City Hall, Georgetown between Monday evening (September 8) and Tuesday morning (September 9) and carted off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green explained that no official complaint was filed and up to late Tuesday evening she was still trying to get the details of the break in from the Treasurer.

“It is rumored that monies were missing from the treasurer’s department between last night and this morning and my understanding is that they would have called over ranks from the City Constabulary so that they could search bags and all of that,” Chase Green told iNews yesterday.

The Deputy Mayor expressed worry with the now missing sum; saying it will add to the burden of the already cash strapped Council. “It’s very upsetting to us but we await an official report from the treasurer’s office.”

The Deputy Mayor said the matter is being kept “very hush hush and most likely an attempt is afoot to sweep it under the carpet.”city-hall

She said the workers who were subjected to body and bag search by that faction of the council raised the alarm since they were treated badly and made uncomfortable.

She did mention that they have never heard of any money missing before from that department.

One Councilor, Eon Andrews said this incident raises a lot if suspicions about the Town Clerk and The City Treasurer, since they were both sent on administrative leave.

“We are very suspicious when these kinds of things of breakage would have happen if there is some kind of fraud or something they are trying to cover up.”

He said this incident could be staged to cover up fraud.



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