City, several other areas across country flooded


Several sections of the City and other areas across the country are presently under flood waters due to heavy rains which started early this morning.

INews understands the main shopping areas around Georgetown have been severely affected as customers cannot access stores and other main business areas.

According to information reaching INews, villages on the East Bank Demerara, West Coast Demerara and on the Essequibo Coast are also under flood waters.

Minister of State, Mr. Joseph Harmon, today, said that while Georgetown and other parts of the country are currently experiencing flooding due to excessive rainfall coupled with the spring tide, the Government is taking every step to ensure that there is minimum loss or damage to property and expects the water to begin to recede once the tide changes, during the latter half of the day.

“The Government of Guyana, through the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, the Ministry of Communities and the Mayor and City Council have put measures in place to ensure that as soon as the tide changes the water will be drained off of the land within a reasonable timeframe,” Minister Harmon said.

The following are scenes of the flooding from Georgetown and other areas around the country:

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  1. The dictator and his stooges are a curse to this country —look at their faces and you can see the shameless scums they are.


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