City Hall to consider 5 new committees, members elected to others


City Leaders will consider the implementation of five new committees to tackle unique developmental areas of Georgetown once the Terms of Reference (ToR) constituting these teams are constructed.
This position was taken at the Mayor and City Council’s (M&CC) official Statutory meeting held Monday 11.

Town Clerk Royston King
Town Clerk Royston King

A statement from the M&CC said the historical sitting saw new members elected to existing committees. These are City Works and Social Development Committee; IT Committee; Legal Affairs and Security; Markets and Public Health. Members were also elected to the International Relation/Investment and Development Committee, while the Personnel and Training Committee was renamed the Human Resource Management (HRM) Committee before electing its members. This change will facilitate the upgrade of the Committee’s ToR.
Town Clerk Royston King in his capacity as city administrator, proposed the activation of five new committees to fulfill what he called, “the change in global trends.”

Insistent on a ‘Green, Clean Georgetown’, King proposed the creation of an Environment and Sustainability Committee. He suggested a Women’s Health and Family Committee; Planning and Development Committee; Housing/Neighbourhood Development and Homeless Committee and the Parks, Recreation and Transport Committee.
The need for additional avenues to tackle changing trends was endorsed by the Council. To that end, they resolved to consider these committees with the view of ensuring they represent and fulfill their specific purpose. The Town Clerk was therefore asked to furnish the Chamber with the committees ToRs that will constitute the new bodies.


  1. City Hall to consider 5 new committees, members elected to others
    same old stinkers will be running city hall..
    the city hall stench will still smell like the overfilled septic tank full of shit.
    the people get the rulers they voted for


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