City Hall hired contractors without contracts – Town Clerk confirms to CoI


Town Clerk, Royston King, returned to the stand today (Friday), at the ongoing Commission of Inquiry, where he affirmed that City Hall engaged contractors to conduct works amounting to millions of dollars without any contractual agreement.

XL Engineering is claiming that they would have completed works amounting to over $140M dollars for the Mayor and City Council. However, no contracts were signed between the company and City Hall.

This was confirmed by the Town Clerk, who stated that only a verbal agreement was convened between the two entities.

Presently, monies are still owed to the company. There was also a situation where the Communities Ministry had assigned City Hall to carry out a cleaning project on their behalf to the tune of $15M.  Only $9M was allocated to the company upon completion of these works.

Finance Manager of XL Engineering, Aysha Harrop previously testified that the firm was hired by Royston King to conduct cleaning and drainage works in Georgetown.

After completion of these works, small payments were made but there is still an outstanding balance of some $135 million with an additional $6M from another work.

No contracts were signed by the two entities for the works since the Town Clerk would take the contractors to the site on most occasions, stating that it was “emergency works”.


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