City Council may up garbage collections by $200 – Town Clerk


By Ramona Luthi

In light of the Mayor and City Council’s recent announcement of a new the measure that obligates  Georgetown residents to pay for garbage collection, the Town Clerk on Friday asserted that this cost may very well change from the initial declaration of $100 to $200 per barrel.

“This is going to be contemplated. It is between $100 to $200… It looks like if it will go to $200,’ he said earlier today.

However, he noted that this amount is still yet to be finalised.

King asserted that rather than the actual fee, it is the principle attached to the measure that is important.

“The principle is that we believe that the residents should make a contribution to the collection and this is where we’re going with all of this,” he asserted.

Yesterday, the Town Clerk had informed iNews that in an effort to sustainably develop the City, residents of Georgetown will be required to pay $100 for every barrel of garbage to be removed from their premises.

“Going forward, there are new proposals with respect to solid waste management including the fact that we are looking and asking all residents within the city to pay a small fee to help us collect domestic waste. The proposal is residents wil be asked to pay $100 per barrel to remove garbage from their premises and to dispose of it at our landfill site,” he told this online publication during an exclusive interview.

He had announced that this initiative will take effect from February 1 2018.



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