City Council calls for inquiry into Town Clerk’s behavior

Carol Sooba.

The Georgetown Mayor and City Council is calling for an inquiry to be held into the behaviour of Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba.

The City Councilors today debated a motion moved by the Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase Green asking for the inquiry. The motion was moved during the last statutory meeting.

Chase Green accused the acting Town Clerk of abusing her powers and the council’s resources since her date of employment.  The Deputy Mayor also accused Sooba of collecting monies for departments, when she has no authority to do.

Councillor Ranwell Jordan, who seconded the motion, said it is clear that Sooba has to go. Jordan also accused Minister within the Local Government Ministry, Norman Whittaker of barbaric approaches and giving nonsensical advice.

He said the councillors were elected to run City Hall and their suggestions must be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, Councilor Gladstone George made an amendment to the motion which suggested that the Town Clerk be immediately removed. This amendment was supported by the Majority of the councilors. [Akash Ramlackhan]




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