City Council at work to avert further flooding


By Kurt Campbell

[] – Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green told iNews on Wednesday (January 15) that employees of the Council are at work to ensure that the possibility of further flooding in and around Georgetown, due to prolonged rainfall is averted.

flood The Deputy Mayor said all pumps in Georgetown are working with the exception of two (JP Santose and Lamaha). According to Chase-Green, all sluices are also operational and the double door Koker at Cowan Street, Kingston is substitution in part for the dysfunctional Lamaha pump.

She told iNews that almost 90% of the four inches of rainfall which was recorded on Tuesday (January 14) and led to flooding in the city and its surroundings has receded.

She however blamed the accumulation of garbage in conjunction with the prolonged high tides for the length of time the water spent on land.

The Deputy Mayor said there was severe blocking of drains and canals by garbage and has appealed to citizens once again to dispose of their garbage in a proper manner.

She said the Council was prepared to a great extent after receiving warnings of high tides and had alerted stall owners, but maintains that without the public’s help in solid waste management, there is only so much the council can do.

According to Chase-Green, their Public Health Inspectors will be going around the city to ensure that citizens are complying with rules and regulations.



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