City Constabulary to heighten security for Mash Day


The Georgetown City Constabulary in partnership with the Guyana Police Force will be increasing security across Georgetown for the country’s 50th Republic Day celebrations.

Chief Constable (ag) Peter Livingstone, during a press conference on Tuesday, highlighted some of the Department’s plans for Mashramani Day, a time when there might be increased criminal activities.

During the celebrations, ranks from the constabulary unit will be placed along the route and at key locations, to ensure the safety of those present.

“With respect to security, the constabulary have a general responsibility for policing in the city. Like the Guyana Police Force, we are going to ensure that on that day, we have a number of ranks who are deployed to perform policing duties so as to ensure that citizens of Georgetown and those who visit are allowed to conduct their business in a safe environment,” the Acting Chief Constable notified.

He added that this strategy will also ensure that the parade activities are not hindered in any way.

“In addition, we are going to deploy ranks along the route of the parade so as to ensure that there is no obstruction to the parade. In addition, we will be having ranks around the city which will allow us to continue our normal policing duty as mandated.”

As customary, the activity on February 23 will be viewed by thousands along the parade route with vendors capitalising on the opportunity to sell snacks and beverages. This year, the Solid Waste Department has outlined strict vending policies and the placement of spots in specific areas.

According to Deputy Director of the Solid Waste Department, Floyd Rollins, there are some areas where vending will be prohibited completely.

“Vending will be allowed from Thomas Road to Church Street. As such, no vending will be allowed on Carifesta Avenue. No vending will be allowed from Thomas Road to Carifesta Avenue. No vending will be allowed along the entire Vlissengen Road. That’s from Carifesta Avenue all the way to D’Urban Street,” he pointed out.

This year, however, there has been a reduction in the number of available spots. Only 750 vending spaces are available as compared to some 1200 in previous years. Those persons who are found guilty of vending in prohibited areas will have their tents removed. Similarly, cars parked in proscribed areas will be towed.

“We would have a reduced number of spots this year for vending compared to the years before…The spots between Thomas Road to Lamaha Street is $12,000; from Lamaha Street to Church Street is $15,000; Square of the Revolution it’s $25,000 [and] in D’Urban Park, it’s $15,000…Persons found in the prohibited areas, their erected stalls and tents will be removed and parked cars in prohibited areas will be towed away,” he outlined.