City Canals to be covered to provide parking and ease congestion



By Kurt Campbell

Traffic[] – Government is looking to address the parking and congestion problem in the Capital, Georgetown which citizens have complained about repeatedly in recent time.

Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon announced today that temporary bridges will be built across the main canals in the city to provide parking for the growing number of vehicles being driven on the country’s roadways.

He explained that the bridges will be movable to allow for routine cleaning of the canals. The first two canals that will be covered will be the Avenue of the Republic and south of Croal Street.

Already some 9,999 new vehicles were registered under the PSS series for the year, the Guyana Revenue Authority disclosed recently. Registration for the PTT series has commenced.

This influx of new vehicles has certainly influenced the administration’s decision to address the consequences of congestion and parking.

According to Dr. Luncheon, the proposal was made to Cabinet by the Housing Minister, Irfaan Ali and was considered favorably.

Minister Ali, before the introduction of the project, will be holding consultations with the citizenry.

“Minister Ali is a man of action and so is his team… So once everything goes well with consultation then it’s just a matter of physics,” Dr Luncheon said.

The Cabinet Secretary further explained that this has been done in other countries and has worked. He said what remains of concern is the potential use of the bridges as a squatting area for vehicles.



  1. This is an utter waste of time and money. I have been to many countries which have canals covered and none are “temporary”. Do the job right and spend one sum. A Temporary bridge means an increased maintenance overhead. Add meters for the parking and employ meter maids to monitor and maintain such.
    What is also sad, I am talking about my trip in 1999 to St. Vincent, 14 years ago.


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