Citizens Bank opens branch in New Amsterdam; More investors’ confidence shown – President

Citizens Bank New Amsterdam Branch. [GINA Photo]
President Donald Ramotar
President Donald Ramotar

[] – The establishment of yet another bank branch is not only an achievement for the financial institution, but for the entire country, President Donald Ramotar said, at the opening of a Citizens Bank branch in New Amsterdam.

The Head of State said that all these investments augur well, as they “show that we are not talking about no-confidence; we are talking about confidence in our economy as a whole. Both local and international investors have seen the merit of investing in Guyana.”

In congratulating the institution’s officials, the President said that “clearly they have recognised that this area is one of the most important areas for economic growth in our society.”      

He noted that Guyana has moved from a heavily indebted poor country, to a middle income country, and that it has the right conditions that can take it to a developed country status in a short period of time.

Citizens Bank New Amsterdam Branch. [GINA Photo]
Citizens Bank New Amsterdam Branch. [GINA Photo]
“Over the years we have put back a lot of our infrastructure in place to keep our economy going, but in order to reach to that other level we need new infrastructure, and that is why we have initiated projects like the Amalia Falls, and that project makes very great sense for every single person of this country. Everyone would have benefited,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Citizens Bank, Clifford Reis said that the event marks the honouring of a demand some five years ago.

“The bank has always enjoyed a relationship with the citizens. To the citizens of the wider Berbice, this is your bank and we are here to provide a service that is second to none,” he assured the residents.

Citizens Bank with its headquarters located at Camp Street, Georgetown has assets of $40.7 billion. The bank provides retail and corporate banking services through six full- service branches to a customer base of more than 43,878 with a staff complement of 129. [Extracted and modified from GINA]


  1. Wow, I mean WOW! Another bank in New Amsterdam? Great! Isn’t that development? Why a bank instead of a cassava farm? Are the investors investing right? We must not forget what the opposition wants. The PNC and the AFC don’t want any form of development, they don’t even like when the Government importing FLOUR, PEAS, CHANNA, POTATO, APPLE AND GRAPES. The PNC would prefer the Guyanese people continue to eat rice flour and cassava bread until they dead with white mouth and swell belly. Can anyone see Moses belly still swell? Investors will continue to make the PNC and AFC look bad with their continuous investments. I say to all the ugly people from the AFC, come on wake up, arise from your laziness, and help to continue the modernization of Guyana, which Dr. Jagdeo was cursed for.
    Well done mr. Reis and citizen bank. If they want to continue to complain, and cry. and murmur and walk in circle around the wilderness for forty years, then so be it! One thing I know for sure! and that is, they will not starve. The Government will definite give them food and water, with apple and grapes too. GOD BLESS GUYANA!!


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