Citizens’ Bank opens $2.6B headquarters


Citizens Bank on Friday commissioned a spanking new structure at the corners of Camp Street and South Road, Georgetown, to the tune of $2.6 billion. According to President David Granger, it is indicative of how stable the economy is.

The $2.6B structure
The $2.6B structure

However, the Head of State also reminded indigenous banks of the importance of ensuring that their policies are designed with Guyana’s economy and small enterprises in mind.

“Indigenous banks have a vital role to play to ensure that financial services become more inclusive. Banks have an obligation to be responsive to the needs of all sectors of society and they have a duty to micro and small-scale enterprises.”

He stated that these groups have traditionally felt excluded and marginalised by banking systems. He stated that when these groups are excluded financially, this creates social exclusion and increases poverty.”

He commended Citizens’ Bank for being different; noting that when it started it extended its services to geographic areas that previously had no access to financial services.

“Today, Guyana’s indigenous banks ought not to try to become clones of foreign banks. They should seek to transform the character of their operations by aligning their services to meet the needs of local businesses.”

The building, which sits at the corner of Camp Street and South road, was reportedly constructed with a 90 per cent local work force.

Some of the bank’s features include state of the art alarm systems, sprinklers and elevators. It has a drive through Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) and features LED lights throughout the building.

Some of the local companies who were contracted to assist were Cummings Electrical (electrical installation) and MMC Security Services (alarm systems). Industrial Fabrication supplied the steel used to construct the bank.

Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson was also commended for his input as a Quantity Surveyor. In addition, Sheldon Williams was cited as the Chief Architect.

With concrete piles in its foundation and a 60 per cent composition of reinforced glass and concrete, this imposing structure will serve as the new headquarters for Citizens Bank.

The structure took three years to design and construct. The branch reportedly has an employee base of 75, though Citizens’ Bank collectively employs 147 persons. (Guyana Times)


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