Citizen leads police to house with AK 47, ammo cache


Police are currently investigating a house where a citizen who was tasked with cleaning the premises discovered an AK 47 Rifle, two (2) magazines and fifteen (15) rounds of matching ammunition, fifteen (15) .38 live rounds, thirty nine (39) 9mm live rounds and twenty-one (21) .223 live rounds and a magazine.

The high powered weapon and ammunition cache
The high powered weapon and ammo cache

According to a statement issued by the Police, “the excellent and commendable actions of a dutiful citizen of this country resulted in the police in ‘E’ Division (Linden/Kwakwani)” being able to retrieve the high powered weapon and ammunition cache.

The Police noted that the citizen discovered a haversack behind a wardrobe and upon closer examination identified the contents. The citizen then informed the police station and a police party responded and took possession of the cache.

The house is said to be owned by persons residing overseas and persons were renting same prior to the discovery.






  1. The AK 47 Rifle looks similar to the weapon loaned to the PNC TERROR group by the GDF during the Burnham Tyrannical dictatorship.


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