CIOG calls for “free and fair” and “free from fear” elections


voting[] – The Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) is calling on all Guyanese especially the Muslim Community to be calm and to pray for a peaceful election in Guyana.

In a statement sent to the media, the CIOG noted that there are a lot of rumors circulating in the country about what may happen after the voting and said that “we must all pray and work for an Election that is Free and Fair and more important, Free From Fear”.

In this regard the Islamic Organisation is urging all Imams, Regional Vice Presidents and Islamic Workers throughout Guyana to organize their community to pray for peace and to be calm, before, during and after the elections.

The CIOG is also urging all Guyanese to go out and vote and to encourage all those eligible to vote to do so. In addition they are advising “all Guyanese to be respectful of the other and their right to vote for the Party of their choice”.

The statement said “we all must work for a country that respects the rights of each of its citizen irrespective of race, religion, culture and colour; we are all Guyanese.”



  1. Wow! mother Sally you called yourself. It is in your nature to aggravate good people, the CIOG is only calling for peace and free and fair election. This lawless woman who always verbally abusing people and their entire family.But what else can you expect from the pnc? They are of no good example!

  2. The discredited leadership of the CIOG needs to get real about itself and where it stands on the principles of democracy within its own ranks to start with. The mere fact that Haji Fazil Ferouz (Owner of Twins Pharmacy) is still calling the shots for the past twenty five years is definitely cause for concern because anyone whom has tried in the past to oppose him and his anointed lot – was basically cut down to size.

    In fact, it is well known that should any of the various Imams or Masjid heads dare to oppose his leadership – they are basically punished via the withholding of monthly Zakaat support to their respective mosques. This is a low point in the conduct of the affairs of any self respecting Islamic organisation be it in Guyana or elsewhere.

    In addition, to this the CIOG has been in the news for very unflattering reasons including their private trying of court cases on its premises by the putrid likes of one self described Sheikh Mooeen Ul Hack and his wife – Shalimar Ali Hack (the shady Director of Public Prosecutions) as contained in the reports of the Ombudsman released last year. The general public expects that with the imminent change of regime that the current DPP will put put out to pasture and there will be a full scale investigation into what really goes on at the CIOG.

    We further expect that Haji Fazil Ferouz, will thereafter do the proper thing in resigning forthwith and allowing for free and fair elections within the ranks of the CIOG thus allowing the disgruntled membership to freely exercise their democratic franchise without any hindrance or fear of reprisals. Failure to do the honourable and decent thing should then lead the well known financial pillars of the CIOG such Mr. Sattaur Gaffoor to consider cutting of support until there is credible evidence of reform within the CIOG.

    In fact, a respectable alternative to Haji Fazil Ferouz will be Haji Riaz Saddick who is well respected and is the father of a Hafiz. He will willing to give up the comfort of his home and thriving businesses in the US and return home to freely serve the interests of the Muslim community at large (Umaah) at no costs to the organisation or its members.

  3. Thanks to the CIOG for that. We will all need to pray because we have already seen and heard what is being planned. Pray more for the GPF AND THE GDF we need to know that we can count on them should it be necessary. With all the international observers here there is no possible way this election can be rigged. This is why the problems have already started.

  4. The CIOG is well aware of what happens after every general and regional elections in Guyana and who are the master minds behind all the atrocities perpetrated against one section of the population. And further I say not.


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