CIOG appalled at current crime situation in Guyana


The Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) said it is appalled at the current crime waves that seem to have overtaken our country, resulting in the loss of life and property of many hardworking and decent citizens of Guyana.

ciog“There is a root cause that results in the behaviour pattern of people to resort to such despicable crimes, and the disregard for fellow human life. This needs to be addressed, as Government actions and Policing will not bring a cessation to the current situation,” CIOG said in a statement.

The CIOG, meanwhile, lauded the Guyana Police Force for its prompt actions in arresting many of the suspects, especially in the case of the recent burning of the home of Mr. & Mrs.  Munir  that resulted in their demise.  “The action of the Police will certainly send a positive message to those who are contemplating committing any crimes, that the arm of the law is long but sure,” CIOG stated.

The CIOG also appealed to all Guyanese to “end the blame game” and to be more proactive in assisting the Police with relevant information that may assist in solving the crimes.

“The public should become more aware and alert, and be engaged in being their brother’s keeper, in order to deter criminal activities in our neighbourhoods.  It should be the duty of every Citizen to ensure that all information is given to the Police, and moreover be confident that there will be no repercussion for doing so,” the organisation said.

The islamic organisation also extended “our deepest sympathies to the families of the bereaved, and pray that the Almighty will grant them patience and perseverance during their trials”.


  1. The CIOG has finally woken up from its slumber. I queried the silence of the CIOG most recently with specific reference to the two gruesome murders; the Wakenaam businessman who I know personally and the elderly couple from Good Hope. Condemnation is not enough. A significant number of the executive of the CIOG seems to have good rapport with the Granger administration judging by their photo opportunity with Granger some time ago. They should now exert their influence on the authorities to do more to greatly reduce crime across the country. As a starter, they should call for the immediate resignation of Ramjattan. He is complete failure. With the unending crime spree, why would Guyanese generally want to celebrate the 50 th independence anniversary ? In the names of reason and conscience, what is there to celebrate? Maybe Freddie Kssoon is right in his assessment of Guyana

  2. CIOG appalled at current crime situation in Guyana
    Just keep being appalled and not recommend solution/s will bring tremendous solace to victims.
    Let me remind you of these in the event you forget or willfully chose to forget.
    PNC in power for 28 years- people got robbed raped killed and no solution recommended. Citizens depending on said police for citizens protection when in fact a number of police and GDF officials were in the the criminal feast.
    PPP in power for 23 years- fed and nurtured said police force and GDF but the results in crimes remain same or even got worse where citizens were robbed raped killed and no solution recommended. Citizens again were depending on said police for citizens protection when in fact a number of police and GDF officials were in the the criminal feast.
    This coalition now in power for just 11 months and what has changed? Absolutely nothing- people getting robbed raped killed and no solution recommended.
    Just { appalled} and asking or more like begging the said police force for protection.
    The only one solution to this plague is a very simple one.
    Every adult citizen of Guyana whom would like weapon training must be fully trained to use high power weapons.
    Every citizens after training must be able to purchase a high power weapon {gun} of their choice for protecting self family property.
    Lets say there are 20 license firearm holders in a street of 40 homes- do you think the terrorists will enter that street to carry out their sinister job?
    PNC in power for 28 years to PPP 23 years in power to now 11 months new government and criminality still going or and getting worse each day and all we can say is we are appalled?
    Recommend solution’s


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