Church robbery upsets former Police Commissioner

Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Former Commissioner of Police and Shadow Security Minister, Winston Felix
Former Commissioner of Police and Shadow Security Minister, Winston Felix

[] – A Partnership for National Unity’s [APNU] Shadow Home Affairs and Former Commissioner of Police, Minister Winston Felix has expressed shock at an incident that occurred on Sunday, November, 02, where Parishioners at the St. Phillips Anglican Church in Georgetown were attacked and robbed by three young men who used BMX bicycles to escape, just before mass.

According to reports, a member who was in the church noticed a young man walking through the Church door with a gun in his hand and demanding that those present hand over all of their money and jewellery.

That young man was joined by two others armed with guns and the managed to rob the members of the church. None of the perpetrators were wearing masks. A taxi driver who was dropping off an elderly woman to the church was also robbed.

The rest of the sermon focused on the crime situation in the country.

At a press conference held at Congress Place today, Monday, November 03, Felix questioned: “how much longer Guyanese would have to endure this before steps are taken to improve the country’s security sector?”

He added that the police patrol is not equipped or adequately staffed with the manpower to patrol the city streets in order to prevent minor robberies that in some cases have led to the killing of hardworking Guyanese.

He highlighted several recent cases where persons were murdered during robberies. He believes this continues to occur because of the lack of resources that Government is providing to the Guyana Police Force.

“During this year, citizens have been killed while on their jobs in the streets of Georgetown, you remember the Patsan’s case; another citizen was killed while on his way to the bank with his wife a woman was killed in a robbery at her place of work and pirates continue to attack and rob fishermen…this state of affairs has been allowed to persist because of a PPP/C Government that has neglected to provide the Police Force that is equipped with resources that is effective to combat crime and criminality.”

He went on to say that Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee seems distracted with the business of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) and is mostly obsessing over the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), “but we are not hearing from him on the major issue which is crime.”

He also said the current administration is not providing the Force with the leadership and this needs to be done if the Force is to meet its peak and deliver to the people of Guyana.

“It is necessary first of all to address the issue of recruitment and training, it is necessary to look at remuneration package, it is necessary to probably revise the training programme for constables.”


  1. My friend MParrot crime is all over, it will be around us for as long as we live, the people of Guyana will suffer from crime because its only one set of ppl join the police, sad to say the police have very little choice in what it hires, second with so many ppl owning guns, how many of them see a crime and do any thing about it, we live in a country all fo we self, is just me and me to hell with the next door or as often said in GT is not my problem,, look at the amount of tax dollars spending on vehicles,guns,and they mash them up daily , Guyana is law,,less,,just look at all that is going on, from top to bottom is criminals,and who should the ppl turn to,

  2. I am very sorry for this word less Gray guy, let me ask you first if you live in Guyana, and if you still hide out in your own house, you seem to likr to call names but is you looking in a mirror everyday ,,what have you ever done for your country, how many crimes have you ever prevented, how many indian like yourself have you ever saved from the criminals that fill the streets everyday, well i guest you will give some bull sh,,,t answer but just to tell you and many more like you ,,stop fooling yourself you are all Guyanese not pnc or ppp,, its time to stop the name caling it makes the readers see right true you, all the things i ask you i am proud to say, i have a great record of working and cleaning up guyana of your kind criminals and i have a long list of projects i did free for my country, Guyana i am sure all you did was O,,,

  3. Guyana is a small poor country.
    It has limited resources which needed to spread very thinly to feed and protect its people. It is further stressed because of the Opposition cutting the Budget.
    If Canada can spend CANADIAN two billion dollars on security per year and still have crime, are you people asking for a miracle?

  4. Andrew..let me stop you ..stop taking zero tolerance on crimes means the police chase criminals give me half of what you get plust no media to report on crimes so it must look to dummies like u that pnc had zero on crimes.your people were kicking donk doors like crazy..then they would light a fire under your house to flush you out because they could no kick in the grill work on peoples doors..your choke and rob buddies were there robbing unsuspecting people from your pnc days to this media to post what your pnc police were doing wrong to people..if there was no crime then why pnc formed the black clothes..all dem in de church should have been armed ready to blow their brains out giving u more to weep over…..

  5. Travis under the PNC at one time the police had put zero tolerance on crime, it worked and we did not have the rate of crime as it is today, with the hundreds of millions spent today and all the guns given to the mass group of supporters of the ruling party WHY is crime at this rate, look at the church and tell me who go to it ,,you think they would go to church street ,,hell no all them go guns

  6. These criminals are revolving door criminals. They go in and out of jail.
    If you see a bus pass by from West Coast Demerara to West Coast Berbice. The crimes committed by the bus is the same bus at Georgetown and same bus at all along the way not many buses.
    This is what we get when we drape criminals with our national Flag. The Brigadier knows all about this. Mr Felix you should check the demographic on the national newspapers and comment as you see fit.
    If the thieves keeps multiplying, it is impossible for our small police force to keep up.
    The dishonest, thieving, illegal recording thrash people who frequent our streets and foment trouble do not need to be pampered!

  7. Come on Gray dont we all sleep, and we all forget yesterday what is wrong with you, all them murders rapes and crimes happen at night he was sleeping ,,,

  8. What the ex-commissioner is saying is quite true! A genuine government would be allocating enough funds to professionalize the Guyana Police Force. There is a serious need to raise the bar instead of comparing with what occured during the pnc days.

  9. dis bana most barefaced..the crime situation was being discussed on tape recording by you and basil williams…divert attention for the agricola massacre while you criminals laff it up and planned to pland illicit drugs on an innocent woman when she arrived at the you are shocked at the crimes taking place in guyana..tell the world you were commissioner of police at the time when lots of citizens were robbed and killed while you and your pnc buddy williams were diverting police and government attention elsewhere..


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