Chronicle Board members resign over firing of outspoken columnists


Three Directors have resigned from the Board of the State-owned entity Chronicle, with another member, this publication understands, set to resign in April over the decision by the newspaper’s Editor in Chief, Nigel Williams, to fire columnists, Working People’s Alliance (WPA) Executive David Hinds and veteran trade unionist Lincoln Lewis.

Tabitha Sarabo-Halley

WPA Executive Member Tabitha Sarabo-Halley, veteran Journalist Bert Wilkinson and communications specialist Karen Davis all tendered their resignations at a Board meeting on Tuesday.

Other members of the Board are Chairperson Geeta Chandan-Edmond, Alliance For Change (AFC’s) Sherod Duncan, Troy Edmonson, Aaron Fraser, Hilbert Foster and Ruel Johnson.

Since the firing of Lewis and Hinds, several Executives of the WPA, which forms part of the governing coalition APNU/AFC, have come out condemning the actions of the State newspaper. WPA’s Tacuma Ogunseye has since expressed the opinion that his party should leave the coalition, since its views are being silenced. He has been very vocal in the media.

Veteran Journalist Bert Wilkinson

Williams wrote to Hinds and Lewis, informing them that their contracts would be terminated effective March 12, 2018 in, what he described as, an effort to rebrand the State newspaper.

The two former columnist have since called the Government out as having made the decision to have them fired because of their critique of its performance.

Moreover, it was speculated that an Alliance For Change (AFC) Minister may have been behind the firings.


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