Christopher Ram takes Jagdeo to court over Babu John statement  

Christopher Ram.

By Jomo Paul

Attorney - at - Law, Chris Ram.
Attorney – at – Law, Chris Ram.

[] – Prominent Attorney Christopher Ram has filed a criminal writ at the Whim Magistrates Court against Former President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo over some comments he made at Babu John during the Cheddi Jagan memorial ceremony.

The summons was issued by Magistrate Charlyn Artiga and will be served on Jagdeo at his Sparendaam address for him to appear in court on April 20.

Reports indicate that Ram filed the proceedings in his capacity as the informant in the Corentyne Magisterial District.

At Babu John, Jagdeo had said “they shout about racism of the PPP, but they practise racism. They whisper campaigns. In the last elections they went to some of the Afro- Guyanese villages and beat some drums at 6 O’clock in the morning and say let us throw out these coolie people. Get up, go out and vote, throw out the coolie people. That’s the kind of language they use. Anybody from our party who uses that sort of language, we will kick them out.” 

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo. [iNews' Photo]
Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo. [iNews’ Photo]
Meanwhile a statement from Senior Counsel Bernard DeSantos who has been retained to defend the Former President described the court action as “frivolous.” 

“The charge purports to be filed under section 139D of The Representation of the Peoples Act, Cap 1:02.  The charge was filed by Christopher Ram, a known critic who seems to have an unnatural obsession with my client”

“I have examined the statements allegedly made by Mr. Jagdeo and which forms the basis of the charge; I have examined the section of the law under which the charge has been laid and in my view the charge is frivolous, vexatious and an abuse of the process of the court in which it has been filed,” DeSantos who is a former Attorney General noted in the statement.

According to the Senior Counsel, it is a gross misinterpretation and “colossal misuse and abuse of section 139D of the Representation of the Peoples Act, Cap 1:02.”

De Santos noted that he is unwilling to speculate on the myriad of reasons behind Rams court action but said that “it constitutes an abridgement of the constitutional right and freedom of my client to speak and express himself freely. Indeed, this unprecedented use of a criminal charge to muzzle speakers at public political events is an assault on the democratic right of political leaders to speak freely on matters of national interest as well as a violation of the democratic right of the citizenry to receive such information.”

He expressed the hope that the Director of Public Prosecutions will review the matter post haste since it “is nothing more than political sensationalisation and mischief.”





  1. Dennis McKenzie, You have the audacity to show your demoralized self with your mediocre mentality? Decorum? Are you and Granger more Dignified than our young leader? Of course Granger was yet young when He gave all those AK47 to you and yours! Green was still young when Your Minister Vincent Teekah Assassination was ordered. Let me point you to, “dignified propriety of behavior & speech” Google.
    “THE WINSTON FELIX and BASIL WILLIAMS TAPE” That’s corruptions of your MPs and your Police Commissioner!!
    Hey McKenzie, The Champion is our leader!!! Indeed he doesn’t know how to lead Masquerade! Your Granger is leading his Masquerade with his bloodied hands!!!!!!

  2. Hey Jon, man! inews don’t really care if you don’t comment. The PNC care whether you comment or not, the PNC want you to stop. Come on man they did worse to us before. show those criminals who are the man, you are the man just like jagdeo, just hand them left, right, and center.

  3. Jon, Don’t be discouraged, we know your tone, we know your style of phrasing your words. You’re one of the few Intelligent bloggers. The PNC are known for their RIGGING of anything. Did you Google?

    ” Mr. Burnham does it again: A look at how PNC rigged 1973 Elections in Guyana”

    Also Google “Then top cop Winston Felix and PNC official Discuss Planting drugs on their own PNC member”

  4. Jagdeo is not even fit to lead a masquerade band,even those individuals have a decorum,which is alien to him.

  5. He seems to be prone to diarrhea,the next time he takes in,he will be jet-flighted to the Georgetown Hospital toilet where tax-payers cash will not be squandered.

  6. Dr. Jagdeo was just tantalizing his audience, I think! For someone had to have had prior knowledge about these whisperings and drummings and then decide to go to the african village and listen. That would take a lot of courage for there are always the chance of discovery so early in the morning, too! With this kind of planning and effort to confirm this whispering, there would have been a “tape” made.

    He did not mean what he said. But the words chosen…ah…they were not wise words for someone of such great esteem in Guyana and the wider world!

  7. PNC/AFC are trembling at the sound of President Jagdeo name. They are prepared to stoop lower than the belly of a snake. Look at the daily attacks by kaieteur news.
    I called upon PNC Charles Griffith, to stop your deceit and misrepresentation!
    Since when DUAL Citizenship is illegal? To edify your depraved mind. You can only be a national of one country, that is nationality would be of your country of birth. You Nefarious PNC only flooding your Kooteur News wipes with your falsification.
    Did Guyana’s most reputable tell you what position he want’s in Parliament with the next PPP Government?
    Do the right thing and keep your fabrication for your own children !

  8. I think people should leave Mr. Jagdeo alone, he has done well for Guyana during his time in office. Just think about it.What the P N C Failed to accomplish during their 28 + years, Mr. Jagdeo did it in 8 years, and should he return to office Guyana will continue to climb the ladder of success, so all the opponents of the P P P should zipp up.

  9. The only mother of all racists is your God and deliverer Forbes Burnham.
    Now he manifests in his assistant Granger and his fifth wheel Cain of Tain the self hater.

  10. Moderator a dirty scumbag APNuite is using my handle ‘ jon ‘. I am a PPP/C blogger, please observe this nut. They lie every single day. They eat and breathe lies.
    Please do something about it or you will not see my blogs.
    I already mentioned this to you.
    They choose and defile all sacred Indian names already.

  11. You really need to look around and see who is standing with MR ram it’s certainly not the thousand of gullible and naive people you talk about there is a simple explanation for those thousands of Guyanese that vote PPP simply because they want to live in a twenty first century country and not one that is 21 years backward
    Not everything has to be about race
    Common sence should prevail gone are those days
    Anyone that cannot see the development in Guyana since the PPP took over government those are the onces that has a lot to hide everything in life is about been fair and treat all humans as one not for the colour of the skin

  12. Ram seems to be suffering with that inferiority complex still. The Psychologically disconsolate poor thing still struggle to smile. Ram will never feel fulfilled in life because of his childhood memory continues to haunt him. Ram will always be that empty little boy in a man body. A lot of us always feel sorry for this woebegone, low- spirited and dejected little man. I strongly suggest the President counter sue this Inconsolable BASTARD. Anyway Dr. Jagdeo will forever be our Champion!
    Long live Dr. Jagdeo! Long live PPP! Long live PPP youth! VOTE PPP !!!!

  13. He expressed the hope that the Director of Public Prosecutions will review the matter post haste since it “is nothing more than political sensationalisation and mischief . That is exactly what was done by Dr baboon john so that what the dinosaur de santos will have to defend in the court of law

  14. inews–stab news–kai news-chranic news-demwaves should all do an indept investigative piece to see if all politicians in guyana that have their overseas status pays taxes in their respective adopted countries..since suspender lalloo is a british citizen..he has to making pile of money in guyana..does he have to declare income to the brits tax man..this should be investigate…because in the end the all might end up with pensions in their adopted countries…but making loads of money working in other countires and not declaring their income..

  15. I was starting to worry if Guyana had no more Legal Scholars after the Luckhoo clan..JOF Haynes..Rex McKay..and the like of those eloquent legal luminaries….but here we have one from from the dying breed..this honorable Guyanese Attorney..Mr.Christopher Ram..who showing that he knows the Law and willing to take on Bharrat Jagdeo and his racist,,crooked cohorts..

  16. I usually do not allow people to get to me. But Jagdeo is a COMPLETE JACKASS! and the PPP has committed hari kari by putting his name back on the list.

  17. It us unfitting for the former president to yield such contentious comments before an audience that is gullible to such mischief… as a former president he aught to know better.

  18. One day all the old idiotic scumbags will be gone just like Forbes Burnham. They have contributed ZERO to Guyana.
    I am not worried.
    Good will beat evil.

  19. Hey suspender Ram, Hold up your two sons with your suspender properly because the sue back will not be pleasant. Is that the only way you can think of to get attentions? That’s a suicidal move.

  20. Christopher Ram,,what a jerk off.. what happens with freedom of speech.. I have hear worse than that from nagamootoo… Christopher Ram is already losing viewers and this will make it worst on his behalf..

  21. Why is every body just on mr jagdeo case simple Mr jagdeo is a very successful president and an educated person They are all scare of jagdeo winning the elections again and they know he will I know one thing Guyanese people is not stupid to believe a word that come out of these people mouth all they want is power they don’t care about the people so come on Guyanese vote with your best intentions so that Guyana can continue to developed as a country and go forward not backward

  22. bernard de santos must know that the guyanese people are fed-up and tired of the race-baiting and fear-mongering by the ppp / government used to scare people into distrusting the opposition so tens of thousands of guyanese stands firmly with christopher ram.

    the ppp / government continues to use gullible and naive people to vote for them solely because of their ethnicity. this lawsuit if allowed to be processed through the courts will send a message to the ppp/government that instead of race-baiting and scaring people for their votes they should get off of there lazy backsides and run the country in the best interest of the people who gave all of them their jobs.

    guyanese will not take continue to accept this nonsense from any elected government!

  23. suspenders laalloo ram is real but the charge is total bullshit and bogus in trying to silence people from talking..once this case is tossed aside jageo sould sue this suspenders british bastard troble maker then run to the brits..

  24. Mr Ram just wants to make himself relevant and visible since he is or cannot be on the electoral list(?)He is like a barking dog running after every passing vehicle without any reason just to gain attention. He now uses this statement and twist it to suit his purpose. This vindictive political paint brush which he uses will backfire and his inflated ego will sink to the lowest of low. It is so glaring that every word Mr Jagdeo utters would be examined minutely. They will have monitors at every meetings to record his speeches, his press releases and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they could plant a listening device in his home they would do so. Ram and his opposition cabals are so obsessed with Mr Jagdeo that he -Mr Jagdeo- is probably being tailed everywhere he goes. And that is tantamount to STALKING.


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