Christmas message 2013 by His Excellency, Donald Ramotar


Guyana-president-Donald-Ramotar1On behalf of my wife and I, and the rest of my family, and the government, I extend Christmas greetings to all Guyanese, especially our brothers and sisters in the Christian community for whom this occasion resonates with joy.

May the spirit of this beautiful holiday see us through the New Year as we work towards building a strong and prosperous Guyana for all our people.

I also wish to welcome to our shores, the many persons who have arrived from overseas to be with their relatives and friends, or those who have simply come to enjoy our truly unique and special way of celebrating Christmas.

Season’s Greetings are also extended to the Guyanese Diaspora. Please be assured that at this time you are not forgotten. We appreciate and value you as members of the Guyanese community. May the season bring you all happiness!

May the star of Christmas guide us all along surer and more secure paths during this holiday season! May you all find at this time, peace, contentment, and hope, the poignant messages of Christmas. To the Christian community, I extend special wishes for a holy and joyous Christmas.

I have always been captivated by the nativity with its themes of humility, duty,faith and hope. The Christmas Story reminds us that God had a special role for the ordinary and humble in his mission here on earth.  The wonderful story of the birth of Jesus Christ is one that should make us all feel good about ourselves and towards one another, no matter what our station in life.

Let us, over the holidays and beyond, show in word and deed that common humanity engraved in our hearts.

May the goodwill so evident at time fill the empty spaces, especially for those who at this time are needy, sick, lonely, bereaved or enduring unfortunate circumstances.

I urge all Guyanese to reach out, as they have been doing over the years, to the unfortunate and to shower them with love and kindness at this time.

Also, let us not forget that this is a season when the focus is on the Child in our midst and on the Family that nurtures that Child. Let us resolve to be particularly caring of our nation’s most precious resource: its children and young people.  Let us strive to protect them from harm and danger; let us surround them with love and the provision of those things that are vital for their welfare and growth: education, good example, guidance, health and wholesome recreation.

And let us resolve that our homes will be free from abuse and violence of any kind, and abound with the graces of mutual understanding, kind affection and the capacity to forgive and be forgiven.

This is a season for sharing. Let us share generously the things we possess, to bring cheer, particularly to the elderly, the poor and the needy, as we seek out those families that have been visited with pain and tragedy in 2013, to bring them our support, solace and solidarity.

Each Christmas, as families unite and as friends get together, we cannot but observe the ease with which all Guyanese socialise harmoniously. Christmas, while being a Christian festival, is universally celebrated and helps us to appreciate the innate value and importance of human relations, across religions, class or political affiliation.

My wish is that the spirit of human warmth which overflows at this time will serve to bring our people closer together and that this spirit of goodwill will continue to infect the nation throughout the New Year.

A Merry Christmas to all Guyanese!



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