Christmas greetings from the political parties, organisations


Christmas Message by His Excellency, Donald Ramotar


Merry-Christmas-pictures-freeOn behalf of the Government and my family, I extend best wishes to all Guyanese, here and in the Diaspora for a Merry Christmas.

I take this opportunity to welcome all those who are coming home for the holidays.

While Christmas has great significance for Christians everywhere in Guyana, it has transcended Christianity and is truly a national holiday. The message of peace and good will is universal, one which each person identifies with.

We are celebrating this year in a period of great hope for a brighter tomorrow.

The message of hope and optimism which is integral to Christmas gives us confidence that set-backs are temporary. We know that sooner, than later, we will achieve the collective goals we have set to advance our nation’s welfare.

On this joyous occasion we once again witness the blossoming and importance of the family; integral to this is owning their own homes and providing quality education and health for all. These vital social issues continue to be central to my government’s programme of developing a strong nation capable of achieving great goals.

I wish to urge that we spare a special thought and even offer support to those who are less fortunate, convalescing or might be experiencing personal difficulties. The message of Christmas is one of genuine demonstration of love and happiness and this must infect our families, communities and country as a whole.

Once more, best wishes for a Merry Christmas!


CHRISTMAS MESSAGE, 2014 from Brigadier David Granger, Leader of the Opposition

Christmas is a time to rejoice in Jesus Christ’s miraculous birth and marvelous message to all mankind. It is also a time to rekindle the Guyanese spirit of good will.

The message of the Gospel of St. Luke in the Holy Bible: “… on earth, peace, good will to all men” is as valid today as it was two millennia ago. Jesus Christ’s earthly mission changed the course of human history. His ministry of mercy and compassion continues to change our lives every day.

Jesus Christ’s advent makes Christmas a special, sacred season. The annual celebration of His birth is a reminder of the fulfilment of the prophecy of the prophet Isaiah in the Holy Bible of His advent and incarnation as the “Prince of peace.”

Guyanese of all religions have also been inspired by prospect, promises and prophecies of peace and have been encouraged by the season’s sense of social responsibility. Ordinary people, social organisations and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) have been reaching out with compassion to cheer and care for their brothers, sisters and children in difficult circumstances.

Our Partnership recognises the service of our nurses, pilots, public servants, seamen, soldiers and other workers who maintain our public services so that others could be safe and comfortable at this time. We remember the aged, our children, the poor and other vulnerable citizens. We are grateful for their service and sacrifice.

We join all Guyanese at home and in the Diaspora in making Christmas 2014 a day of “peace and good will.” Happy Christmas to all Guyanese!


People’s Progressive Party Christmas Message

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) extends Christmas Greetings to all Guyanese in particular our Christian brothers and sisters on the festive season of Christmas which is a festival to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Christmas has evolved over the centuries into a national institution which has transcended the boundaries of race and nationalities. It is a time when peoples across the globe look out for each other and extend a hand of friendship to families and friends and those in need.

The PPP takes this opportunity to remind Guyanese not to lose sight of the core values of peace, humility and compassion even as we celebrate this auspicious occasion of Christmas.

This Christmas is being observed at a time when the country is confronted with severe challenges to our democracy by opposition forces who seem determined to turn back the wheels of progress and prosperity.

The PPP is however confident that this spirit of peace and goodwill which characterize this season of the year will serve to further propel this country of ours to a brighter future where all Guyanese will be able to realize their potential and contribute fully to the task of nation building.


IAC Christmas Message to all Guyanese

The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) wishes to send Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day Greetings to all Guyanese, especially those who are adherents of Christianity.

The IAC recognizes that hundreds of millions of persons across the globe venerate Jesus Christ, a Jewish carpenter and member of the local working class and preacher who was one of many teachers throughout history who brought the message of peace, unity and brotherhoodamong all peoples regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, class and whose birthday is traditionally celebrated on Christmas day.

The IAC also recognizes the historical tradition of Jesus Christ being venerated as the prophet Isa by adherents of Islam and ShriYesuBhagwan was adherents of SanatanDharm.

The IAC recognizes that Christmas in Guyana has been celebrated since the advent of colonization of this land by the Dutch in the early 1600s.

The IAC also recognizes that these holidays are marked by excessive consumption of alcohol and therefore is calling upon all Guyanese who imbibe to do so with caution and to maintain appropriate and acceptable behavior while obeying the laws of Guyana, especially while driving on the roadways.

The IAC wishes all Guyanese a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



  1. The PPP subsequently PPP/C, won all the general elections including the 2011 one. The PNCR had their dogs of war ready for action. It is known that a siginificant number of ballot boxes in Region three -PPP stronghold- were not counted. My money is that the PPP/C will regain itts majority again and you will shut your mouth but would not accept the results just like the PNCR never did. Sore loosers

  2. The PPP/c always got to wrong talk. They could not leave the opposition alone. That is one of the reasons they will lose this 2015 elections. We are praying that it is willed by God himself that they lose. They have lied and made the Guyanese people suffer too much under their stewardship. It is time for them to go.

  3. Thanks to the staff at inews Guyana for giving us – Guyanese especially in the diaspora all the news as they happen in a fair and unbiased manner . Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all Guyanese at home and in the diaspora. Let the message of Christmas reflect in everything we do.


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