Chinese restaurant robbed, owner beaten – in Newtown, Kitty

The Chinese restaurant where the robbery attack took place

By Ramona Luthi

At approximately 23:30hrs last night, armed bandits stormed the Hing Fa Chinese Restaurant located in Newtown, Kitty, Georgetown, where they reportedly robbed and beat the owner.

The Chinese restaurant where the robbery attack took place
The Chinese restaurant where the robbery attack took place

Residents who spoke to INews earlier today, related that painful screams were heard coming from the upstairs of the restaurant where the owner resided.

One neighbour recalled seeing an armed bandit dragging the proprietor into the restaurant.

Neighbours were unsure of the number of bandits that stormed the business but related that the ordeal lasted approximately 20 minutes.

This online publication was also told that a gunman fired one gun shot before fleeing the scene in a car bearing series ‘HB.’

The owner of the restaurant was not available to speak to the media but according to neighbours, he was robbed of a large sum of cash and valuables.

Additionally, the residents in the area indicated that upon dialing 911 numerous times, their calls went unanswered.


  1. Fire the Commissioner of Police !! We need someone who can do something to stop this madness in Guyana. Why is no one doing anything to stop this insanity ? All you hear is the ‘bull…..” talk from the politicians and stats about that how crime in less.Don’t know but I seem to be hearing and seeing that more people are being murdered and robbed on a daily basis. We voted for a change with hope for betterment. We are seeing the same type of incompetence , maybe worse ??

  2. The cake shop president –what do you expect from such a person —the man is a moron he wants ppl to come and invest so there will be more businesses and owners for the thugs to rob and kill.


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