Chinese national shot by bandits – robbed of his cell phone, gold chain and cash

A twenty-eight-year old Chinese chef was shot and robbed around 00:05 hrs this morning

as he was in the process of entering his Bonasika Street, Section ‘K’ Campbellville home.

robberyThe victim, Coa Ben Fei, is presently hospitalised at a private hospital and is said to be in a stable condition.

The police, reporting on the incident, said Fei had just exited his motor car and opened his gate when three men, one armed with a handgun accosted and relieved him of his cell phone, chain and $80,000 cash.  During that process, the armed suspect shot him in the upper right thigh after which they escaped in a dark-coloured motor car.
The victim was rushed to Woodlands Hospital where he was slated to undergo a surgery. Investigators have retrieved a 9MM spent shell at the scene. No arrests have yet been made.
Investigation are in progress.


  1. These cannibals are the APNU thugs they are protected by the pres and his cronies.These assaults, killing and robbing of innocents hardworking ppl will never cease as long as the APNU is in power–we have to protect ourselves and families in the best way possible.Why do you thing the dictator does not want private citizens to own guns?

  2. Start killing these f**kers….we need to have vigilante justice… and you will see how this is going to stop


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