Chinese Mining company invaded, robbed of millions by “foreign” gunmen



file photo

A Chinese Mining Company at the Black Water, Backdam Cuyuni River was invaded by foreign speaking gunmen on Wednesday last who carted off with 50 ounces of raw gold, cash and at least two firearms.

The company, China High Tech was robbed sometime between 12:45h and 17:00h reportedly by four armed and masked men who spoke Portuguese, broken English and Spanish.

Inews was informed that a security guard contracted by the Chinese company was with General Manager and other crew members overlooking the day’s production following a dredge wash down when he left in search of food.

While making his way back to the company’s main office which is some 500 yards away from the kitchen, 30-year-old Jason Critchlow was attacked by the four masked men who emerged from a clump of bushes and held him at gunpoint.

The men took possession of his 12 gauge shotgun after which two of the perpetrators led Critchlow to the main office where the opened fire on the crew.

In the process, another security guard 55-year-old Stephen Hall who was unarmed at the time, attempted to run but was shot to one of his fingers.

The two bandits then held up the crew and began to ransack the office while ordering that the crew to burn the amalgam gold.

The men then made off with another firearm, a AR rifle with 8 matching rounds of ammunition along with some US$500, two GPS and the raw gold with a valued at some $13 million. They then made good their escape.

The matter was reported to the Eteringbang, Guyana Defence Force (GDF) base and ranks visited the scene. Five 12 gauge shells were retrieved along with one .223 spent shell from the scene. The injured security guard was air dashed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where he was treated. No arrests were made as police continue thier investigations.



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