Chinese Medical team to assist in training local doctors

Public Health Minister, Dr. George Norton meets with the Five member Chinese medical specialist team
Public Health Minister, Dr. George Norton meets with the Five member Chinese medical specialist team

[] – A five member Medical Specialists team from the Health and Family Planning Commission of the Jiangsu Province of the People’s Republic of China is currently in Guyana to further strengthen China- Guyana Health Cooperation.

The team, which arrived in Guyana on Monday, December 14, 2015 and is headed by Dr. Shu Yusheng, is in Guyana to assist in the training of local doctors as well as doctors from the Chinese Medical Brigade at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), a release from the Ministry of Public Health revealed.

It was noted that during their visit, the specialist team will be performing vascular surgeries, surgical operations for Glaucoma, as well as Ophthalmology related operations at the GPHC.

The team also consists of a bio-medical engineer who will be performing maintenance and repairs to various medical equipment at the GPHC, including the Orthopedic C-Arm donated by the Government of China in October, 2015.

The delegation, which will depart Guyana on Sunday, December 20, 2015, indicated that they are expecting Laser equipment in April, 2016 at the GPHC to perform various eye surgeries.

They noted that the People’s Republic of China is very willing to help training Guyanese doctors in various specialist/post-graduate areas as well as provide short term training to Guyanese medical personnel.

The Chinese team stressed that training in the medical field is crucial in order to develop Guyana’s Public Health care system and the Government of China will continue to extend its offer in this area.

The delegation further stated that the Chinese Government will develop an agreement with the Government of Guyana in 2016, to offer training to Guyanese doctors.

Public Health Minister, Dr. George Norton said that he welcomes this offer and looks forward to the continued support from the Government and people of China.

The visiting delegation issued a formal invitation to Dr. Norton to visit Jiangsu Province, China, Next year.




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