China “gifts” Guyana 30 containers of assets for Police Force- Ramjattan


…says 911 system to be up in 2 weeks

Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan on Wednesday divulged to media operatives that a shipment of some 30 containers from China containing assets to be utilized by the Guyana Police Force will be cleared in a matter of days.

Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan

“We are going to have a huge set of assets coming in from the People’s Republic of China. 30 containers are presently out there to be cleared with a whole lot of vehicles, ATVs, computers and a whole lot [more],” the Minister said during a press conference at his Ministry.

According to Ramjattan, he had called for support from other countries “from the very beginning of [his] stewardship,” and as such, this “gift” from China is extremely appreciated.

In the containers, the Minister explained that approximately 56 vehicles are anticipated.

Meanwhile, he noted that the much need supplies came at a time when the 911 system throughout the country will be up and running soon.

“With the 911 system, which is being tested with GTT and Digicel officials, should be cleared for operationalizing in another 2 weeks,” he said.

Ramjattan asserted that adequate training for the “quick response” system was conducted.

The Public Security Minister is of the view that the assets received from China and the soon to be fixed 911 system will contribute to the Guyana Police Force being more efficient.

“The training has gone on and so when people now make a report, they are going to get the answers and we are going to have the assets by that time too, to respond. Our respond time in and around Georgetown, we want to be in minutes and with all that hardware that is going to be coming in, we’re certainly gonna have a Christmas that is going to be better than previous years,” Ramjattan promised. (Ramona Luthi)


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