Child care agency rescues 3 children from abusive home …father being questioned by Cops


The Child Care & Protection Agency (CCPA) has rescued three children — two girls respectively aged 12 and eight, and one boy aged eight — from a home in which they may have been sexually abused by their father.

According to information reaching INews, acting on reports made by village leaders, including school teachers in Quarrie, a satellite of St Ignatius Village in Region Nine, CCPA officials on Monday took the children from the home in which they resided with their 49-year-old father, and carried them to the Lethem Police Station in an effort to have that entity assist with investigations.

A source told INews that the man had allegedly sexually abused two of his older daughters — now aged 20 and 14.

The children allegedly told the Police that they had been abused physically. However, they did not say anything about being abused sexually.

The father continues to be questioned by Police, and investigations are ongoing.



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