Chemical was nonhazardous – GNIC


The Guyana National Industrial Corporation (GNIC) says the substance in the chemical spill at its facility was nonhazardous.

See full statement below:

On Tuesday December 10, 2019 during the handling of cargo at the GNIC Terminal, a container with a chemical “Rheduce” was ruptured.

The chemical, which is nonhazardous, non-toxic and harmless to human and marine life, was stored in a designated area. It leaked but accumulated in a small area around the said container. The response action to mop up the substance was awaited. However the rain came and caused a spread of the substance.

There was a panic reaction by customs resulting in the closure of the Terminal. The relevant authorities visited the site and ensured a proper cleanup of the area since the substance was washed into the public drainage.

A number of actions, as advised by the relevant authorities to mitigate against, such re-occurrence have been initiated.

We regret the inconvenience to the public. In the meantime, we are imploring all media personnel to ensure that information circulated meets the standard to accurately reflect the true situation.

We are currently in talks with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding mitigating measures to be employed moving forward.