Chase-Green new Mayor of Georgetown


After serving in the post of Deputy Mayor at the City Hall for a number of years, Patricia Chase-Green moments ago, was elected as the Mayor of Georgetown.

Patricia Chase-Green
Patricia Chase-Green is new Mayor of Georgetown
Sherod Duncan is new Deputy Mayor
Sherod Duncan is new Deputy Mayor

Chase-Green was the only nominee for this post.  At the inaugural meeting of the new Council at City Hall today she was nominated by APNU+AFC councillor Oscar Clarke and seconded by his fellow councillor Alfred Mentore.

Chase-Green, a nurse, has been a City Councillor since 1994 and won the Constituency Twelve election on March 18 this year with a landslide victory against her opponents.

Meanwhile, the APNU+AFC councillor Sherod Duncan copped the spot for Deputy Mayor. The APNU+AFC now is in control of 25 seats on the newly-elected Council.


  1. How many years was this lady deputy Mayor? How many times did she not display unprofessional attitude unbecoming of her position? What new ideas would she bring to the new council as Mayor? She is from the past stuck in her old ways, arrogant attitude, hungry for power not to benefit the citizens of Georgetown but to satisfy her over inflated ego. Recycling old faces with no new ideas/initiatives will see G-Town moving forward at snail’s pace if any atall


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