Charlestown woman fined, jailed for narcotics possession


A 23-year-old Charlestown woman was earlier today fined and sentenced to prison when she appeared before Chief Magistrate, Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on a narcotics charge.

As Tiffany Sultan’s trial ended today, the Chief Magistrate expressed her satisfaction at the evidence produced against the accused. As such, the woman was sentenced to 35 months in prison and fined $159,000- the street value of the cannabis found in her possession.

Sultan was arrested in January, when, after a raid, 106 grammes of cannabis was found at her home at Broad Street, Charlestown where she lived alone.

The court was told that on the day in question, the accused was cooking when officers conducted the raid. However, after being interrogated, she cracked and directed ranks to her room where the cannabis and a large sum of money was found.

Sultan was said to be selling the cannabis to a man identified as “Axe man”, however, she refuted these claims.

As she was being led out of the courtroom where her family members were present, the young lady was tearful.


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