Charlestown vendor who allegedly threw away gun after beating spouse charged


A 32-year-old Charlestown vendor who allegedly attempted to throw away an unlicenced firearm and ammunition right after he reportedly assaulted his spouse was on Monday placed before the court to answer to the offences.

David Brenard appeared before Georgetown Magistrate Judy Latchman and denied that on November 1, 2018 at Broad Street, Charlestown he had in his possession a 9mm pistol without being a licenced forearm holder.

It was further alleged that the defendant on the said date and location had in his possession 15 rounds of 9mm ammunition without being the licenced holder of same.

Brenard also denied a charge of assault which stated that on November 1, 2018 at Lot 17 Broad Street, Charlestown he unlawfully assaulted Jessica Belle.

Police Prosecutor Quinn Harris who presented the facts told the court that, on the day in question a report was made by the Virtual Complainant for the arrest of the defendant in relation to a domestic dispute.

However, when the defendant was being approached by police ranks to be arrested he was seen taking out the illegal weapon from his pocket and throwing it next to a zinc fence. The defendant was later arrested and charged with the said offences.

Objections were made in relation to the firearm and ammunition charges citing the seriousness and prevalence of such. Meanwhile, no objections were made in relation to the assault charge.

Magistrate Latchman upheld the prosecution’s submission and remanded Brenard to prison on both firearm related charges, while he was granted bail in the sum of $20,000 for the assault charge. He will make his next court appearance on November 8, 2018.


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