Charity residents blame inadequate ambulance service for death of homeless man

Jadnauth Rupnarine's only mode of transportation to the hospital was the wheel barrow
Jadnauth Rupnarine’s only mode of transportation to the hospital was the wheel barrow

Jadnauth Rupnarine, called ‘Calli’ or ‘Bigs’, a homeless man in his early sixties, of Charity, Essequibo Coast on Friday allegedly fell and hit his head on a concrete drain and was seen by residents who tried to get the ambulance service at the Oscar Joseph District Hospital at Charity to transport the badly injured man but were told that the ambulance was down.

Residents also claimed that they informed the Police at Charity who also claimed not to have transportation.

According to eyewitnesses, he was bleeding from injuries to his head and was left there for a very long time before a citizen took a wheel borrow and transported the badly injured man to the Charity Hospital.

He was subsequently transferred to the public hospital at Suddie where he died while receiving treatment.

Residents are very critical of the health services offered at Charity and are calling for an investigation as to why both ambulances at the Hospital are not in working order.

They complained that this has been the case for quite sometime and queried why “no one was doing anything about it.”

Charity is a port of entry and patients from as far as Region 1 would utilise the hospital and the ambulance as a key service to transfer patients, if need be, to the main hospital in Suddie.


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