Charity Post Office broken into, over $2M stolen as safe torched

The Charity Post Office (Image credit Romario Blair)
The Charity Post Office (Image credit Romario Blair)

Over $2M was reportedly stolen from the Charity Post Office, Essequibo Coast, after a safe which housed the cash for pensioners was torched sometime on Friday.

Based on information reaching this publication, the matter was reported by the Post Mistress of the said facility.

She reportedly told investigators that she counted and secured $2.3M in the post office safe, which was then secured by a combination lock.

However, the post office was broken into by persons unknown at this time.

The individuals allegedly gained entry through a window on the side of the building, after which they torched the combination lock on the safe.

INews understands that the Charity Post Office is in a very deplorable state with the doors reportedly secured by bolts and padlocks, while some of the old wooden framed windows are secured by internal grills.

Further, reports reaching this publication also indicate that at the time of the incident there was reportedly no security guard stationed at the facility.

According to police, so far, no suspects are in custody as investigations into the robbery continue.


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