Charges recommended for former Bishop High School Teacher  


More than three months after being implicated in a sex scandal which alleged that he had been sexually involved with students while being a teacher attached to the Bishop’s High School, the Department of Public Prosecutions has finally recommended that Coen Jackson be charged with “sexual activity with a child by abusing the position of trust”.

Embattled teacher: Coen Jackson

The disclosure was made on Wednesday by representatives of the DPP, following police investigations into the matter.

Last year, iNews had reported that Jackson is being accused of abusing his position of trust as a teacher when he began grooming female students for sexual activities after they would have attained the age of 16 – the legal age of consent.

Jackson has vehemently denied the accusations on numerous occasions but did admit to having sexual relations with two former students who are now both in their early 20s.

The Police claim that between December 2010 and May 2011 at Durban Street, Lodge, Jackson raped one of his students.

The Ministry of Education then launched a full-fledged investigation into the allegations and upon completion authorised the Police to begin conducting a criminal investigation.

The Police’s investigation resulted in Jackson being arrested and charged for one count of rape.

However, the law enforcement officials had stated that their investigation is still on-going as they are still investigating other similiar allegations against the teacher of over 20 years.

It was the Ministry of Social Cohesion’s Cultural Advisor who broke the news of the allegedly sexual misconduct of Jackson on social media and ever since the story has catapulted resulting in a number of past students relating their experiences.

The Cultural Advisor, in a letter to the Chief Education Officer, detailed numerous reports he received from present and past students of the teacher, who allegedly sexualized his lessons, had inappropriate conversations with female students and engaged in multiple sexual relationships with female students. (Ramona Luthi)



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