CG bandits fail in bid to steal company’s wages


Instinctive actions by a driver and security guard attached to E.C. Veira Investment located at Huston, East Bank Demerara (EBD), yesterday resulted in an armed bandit being forced to abandon his mission of stealing the company’s wages from their vehicle, while dropping his loaded pistol in the process.

The Bandit dropped his 9mm Beretta pistol with sixteen (16) live matching rounds
The Bandit dropped his 9mm Beretta pistol with sixteen (16) live matching rounds (spent shell also recovered)

According to the Police, investigations have revealed that the victims were returning to Huston in the company’s motor car and whilst at Peter’s Hall, EBD, in the slow-moving traffic, the armed bandit approached the security guard, Lionel Nixon, who was in the front passenger seat and discharged a round at him, shattering the front wind screen and injuring his upper left leg.

However, the driver, Joseph Ferria, who was armed with a licenced handgun, discharged his firearm at the bandit, who immediately dropped his 9mm Beretta pistol with sixteen (16) live matching rounds and fled the scene on a waiting CG motorcycle, escaping in a northerly direction.

Lionel Nixon was rushed to a private hospital where he was admitted for surgery. One spent shell was recovered at the scene by investigators.

The bandit’s modus operandi is eerily similar to a recent robbery that took place in front of the Ministry of Finance, where a prominent business man was robbed of an undisclosed sum of cash on  November 16, from his vehicle as he was waiting on the traffic lights.

In this robbery similar to the one above, the men came on a CG motorcycle and one of them approached the passengers side of the vehicle whipped out his gun and fired one shot into the window, shattering the glass.
He then quickly grabbed the bag containing a quantity of cash from the businessman’s vehicle and hopped on to the motorcycle with his accomplice and rode away. The businessman was not physically injured in this robbery.


  1. Business people got to follow the pattern of the criminals. Have armed guards on motor-cycles following the delivery of monies in trucks at a distance. These guards will be able to shoot at the robbers and if necessary follow them on their motor bikes.

  2. It a pity the cockroaches were not shot dead,until the government puts 0 zero tolerance on criminals nothing is going to change,in the early eighties the them crime chief S Roberts issued zero tolerance on crime and many of these cockroaches paid the price, people transacting business and moving cash have to be more alert and be prepared to get rid of the household pest.


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