CEO submits report with fraudulent figures


Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield has submitted a report with numbers that do not reflect the recount figures.

According to Opposition-nominated Commissioner at GECOM Sase Gunraj, “the CEO eyepass the Commission”.

He said the submission of the report with incorrect figures is a “clear and flagrant violation”.

Gunraj added that the Commission cannot be hamstrung by the actions of a few individuals.

He also noted that the Commission is already in possession of numbers from the recount exercise.

Asked if the Commission can work with the recount figures without it being submitted by the CEO, Gunraj said all options will be explored.

Meanwhile, the three government-nominated Commissioners – Vincent Alexander, Charles Corbin and Desmond Trotman, were a no show at today’s meeting hence there was no quorum.

However, Gunraj said “If there is no quorum… [the Constitution] says within 24 hours a meeting can be convened.”

“The law does not provide a problem without a solution. It does not provide a conundrum without a remedy and clearly, Articles of the Constitution provide solutions in the absence of a quorum. And I can say without fear of contradiction that those Articles will be enacted and a solution will arise.”

A meeting is likely to be convened sometime later today, Gunraj said.