CDC Chairman fired for alleged misconduct; claims political interference

Augustine James Daniels. [iNews' Photo]

By Radha Motielall

Augustine James Daniels. [iNews' Photo]
Augustine James Daniels. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Augustine James Daniels is alleging political interference in the Swan Amerindian Community, along the Soesdyke Linden Highway.

Daniels has been serving as Chairman of the Community Development Council (CDC), which falls under the purview of Philomena Sahoye-Shury, National Director for CDCs.

The man told iNews that he was fired in his absence and replaced by his secretary. He further claimed that he was replaced because he came out in support of the Independent Party, led by Mark Benschop.

Meanwhile, Ms Shury in an invited comment on the matter, told iNews that Daniels was indeed replaced, but stressed that this was done in response to the residents’ demand.

According to Shury, she was unaware of the problem until she was invited to the community for a meeting, at which close to 200 residents were present.

She said the residents then alleged that Daniels was misusing the community’s resources, including the state sponsored school bus and that he was not dealing with the community “appropriately”.

She further informed iNews that Daniels was accused of selling a Food for the Poor (FFTP) house for $4M, which is illegal.

Ms. Shury highlighted that the houses were built by FFTP, free of cost, and on lands provided to the community by the State, so that any sale of the houses/land was prohibited.

She said based on the allegations, the residents demanded a new leader, adding that “if the people want the change what could I do, could I stop them?”

Ms. Shury said she is in discussion with the Amerindian Affairs Ministry to have the allegations investigated.



  1. i know this guy he and the people fall out a long timer time and he was ask to resign over the same misuse of resources but he feel no one could have move him

  2. How dem gon do the amerindian bretheren like that,this is Mark Benchop running mate,he would a be the next prime minister of guyana.

  3. You got to be sick, who’s filling their pockets? is the ppp, and their friends own too. Wait until Ed Ahmad, Sonny Ramdeo, Kahmal Lall sing to the Feds remember Roger Khan did he act. Boy well see who is who when it comes to thieving and corruption. How you deh?

  4. the ppp’s track record stinks so that might have a lot to do with it and isn’t that the same thing you soup guzzlers do to the opposition coalition supporters blaming all of them with your daily carping about the long dead burnham?

    gwaan dat side!

  5. And in Grand PPP style, the non-PPP chairman was fired pending an investigation.

    When the guy is not a PPP supporter, evidence and due process does not matter. Action is taken based on allegations. If that guy was a PPP supporter, welllllllll……. that would have been a totally different outcome.

    Guyanese are scared of persecution by the PPP so they appear to be supporting the PPP. In the privacy of that polling booth, they will put their X for the Coalition.

  6. Everything now is all about politics according to some people. Even if they fall down it gonna be blamed on the PPP. They gonna say they were pushed because they don’t like PPP. Too bad for all of you. Your own people don’t want you in so they voted you out. Deal With it. U jus vex coz u can’t full ur pocket no more.


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