CDB approves Guyana local Govt reform project



The Caribbean Development Bank has approved a capacity building project for local government reform in Guyana.

The board of directors of the CDB says that the aim of the project is to decentralize public service delivery and to increase local involvement in social development consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Local Government reform project also aims to assist the government of Guyana in building the capacity of the Guyana association municipalities.

Director of Projects Department of the CDB,  Daniel Best said it will provide a clear roadmap for the local government reform, which will help reinvigorate local democracy and provide persons in communities with a better understanding of the process.

Best further noted that the project aims to achieve key results which include attaining greater clarity on the resource needs of the Ministry of Communities while identifying areas for cooperation and potential synergies to reduce and eliminate wasteful public expenditure.

The project coincides with the government of Guyana’s effort to revive the influence and effectiveness of the local government and will be consistent with the CDB’s strategic objective to promote good governance in the region.


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