CCPA launches investigation into viral pornographic videos of school children


…several local schools implicated

Students of several secondary schools in Georgetown have been releasing pornographic content on social media during the past week. Following the release of a video by students at one of the top secondary schools in the country last Sunday, other videos have surfaced on popular social media sites, which show students engaged in sexual acts.

The Head of the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA), Ann Greene, has expressed dismay over this recent development, noting that it is indeed a “sad situation”.

She, however, pointed out that it is a wake-up call, especially for parents who are still in denial that their children are sexually active.

Greene said the CCPA has launched an investigation to establish the full extent of the matter before taking actions, and she called for the collective efforts of parents, teachers and ministry officials to control and discontinue the recording and broadcasting of pornographic content involving students.

While some social media users are actively speaking out against the sharing of child pornography and the public shaming of the students and their schools, others are condoning these actions by continuously sharing the content and uploading additional videos.

The exact number of schools involved is unclear; however, some institutions have launched investigations into the matter and are engaging the students, parents and the general school population in an ongoing effort to prevent the situation from worsening.

There has been no update on the disciplinary actions taken against the students identified in the videos.

Leslyn Charles, Assistant Chief Education Officer of Secondary Schools, has informed the Guyana Times that the Education Ministry is aware of the situation and has transferred the matter to the Department of Georgetown.

The CCPA and the Department will be meeting regarding this matter. Greene indicated that counselling will be arranged to assist the students in their reintegration into the school system.

The Social Protection Ministry has recently released a warning against the posting and sharing of photos and videos with children in inappropriate acts. Minister Amna Ally on Monday, reminded the general public that such actions constitute a criminal offence and urged citizens to act responsibly. (Guyana Times)


  1. Ah come on they are teenagers what is the big deal they are just having fun for free.Anything is possible under this dictator.They are good kids are per the useless leader they are church goers like him.


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