CCPA investigating rape of minor in Linden after video goes viral on social media


The Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA) is now investigating the rape of a minor, by two adult males, after the videos went viral on social media on Monday.

The victim is said to be a 15-year-old student of Linden, Region 10. It is unclear when the incident occurred but the videos surfaced and quickly went viral on Monday. Sources at the CCPA confirmed that the young lady is a minor and will be meeting with the authorities on Tuesday.

She will be accompanied by her parents to the CCPA Broad Street, Georgetown Headquarters.

Preliminary reports indicate that the minor was raped after she refused the advances of one of the men in the video. The main conspirator is said to be a remigrant from the island of Antigua and he now resides at Silver City, Linden.

The remigrant is the one who reportedly demanded oral sex from the minor and had the spurned perpetrator video the ordeal.

At some point they both took turns in raping the minor despite her begging them to stop.

It is unclear whether the perpetrators are in custody but the Police did say they were investigating the matter.


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