Caught on Camera: Bandits cart off millions from Superbet


getFile[] – Four masked men around 2:00 hours this morning (Thursday, December 11),  broke into Superbet Sport Betting’s Hinck Street, Georgetown office and carted off with two safes which are used to store cash.

Luckily, the ordeal was caught on CCTV cameras and police are investigating with the hope of identifying the men, an employee has informed iNews.

Reports are that the men gained entry to the building through the front door and had to break through three other doors before getting to the safes. No one was in the building at the time.

An alarm was triggered but by the time GEB security forces arrived, a few minutes later, the men had already made good their escape with the over $4million in cash.

A police investigation is underway.

Superbet is a subsidiary of Guyana Holding Inc. though which Guyanese are be able to make bets on all major football games, including the European, Japanese as well as African Leagues, all major Grand Slam as well as Open matches in the case of Tennis, all major NBA basketball matches and all major regional matches for cricket.




  1. Obviously there is some fault with the alarm system. It should be programmed to go off loud and clear as soon as the intruder attempts to get into the building.This should dissuade these criminal elements from going any further .

  2. Election/Christmas time.. Money needed. Watch out for more of the same daring robberies. Police can only investigate. They are impotent to capture and prosecute. As for conviction should they make any arrest, lawyers are a plenty to get them off. Take note of the glaring case of the Lusignan massacre.


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