‘Cat and Mouse’ game continues between Town Clerk and Mayor

Town Clerk (ag) Carol Sooba and Mayor Hamilton Green.
Town Clerk (ag) Carol Sooba and Mayor Hamilton Green.
Town Clerk (ag) Carol Sooba and Mayor Hamilton Green.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Game of ‘Cat and Mouse’ continues at City Hall between City Mayor, Hamilton Green and Town Clerk (ag), Carol Sooba.

At a press conference on Tuesday, April 22, Sooba condemned the actions of Green, who allegedly sabotaged the Easter Day Revenue collection exercise along the Georgetown Seawall, leaving her staff traumatized on Monday, April 21.

The Mayor, accompanied by his bodyguards, allegedly took away the keys to the vehicle which was transporting the staff and its money and told vendors and other citizens not to pay any rates to the council.

Sooba said that the actions of the Mayor show that he has descended to “an all time low” in order to tarnish her reputation as well as the reputation of her staff.

Following the Mayor’s alleged actions the staff took the money to safety and then visited the Albertown Police station where they gave statements about what transpired.

The police ranks were called in but the mayor allegedly denied having the keys to the vehicle.

According to Sooba, the sale of these spots has been an ongoing exercise for over 20 years to offset the expenses of preparatory works and the cleaning of the area.

She said that she could not understand why they could not pool their efforts to have the activity run in an organised way.

The Town Clerk informed that the Council has written to the Local Government Minister, Norman Whittaker to have the matter sorted out and it is up to the police to level criminal charges against the Mayor.



  1. I know somewhere in our literature there is a statement, a beautiful one “One People, One Nation, One Destiny”. This story is among many others that tell us something different.


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