Castello Housing Scheme fire leaves 3 homeless, owner claims arson


Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a fire in Castello Housing Scheme, West La Penitence, Georgetown on Thursday afternoon which has left a 21-year-old man, his girlfriend and her child, counting their losses.

Speaking to INews on Friday, Shelton George –the owner of the concrete flat located at Lot 45 Castello Housing Scheme- explained that he was visiting his mother in Providence, East Bank Demerara when he received a call from his grandmother, who resided in the house in front of his, informing him of the tragic incident. He noted that this was around 14:45hrs.

However, the young man is of the view that the fire may be as a result of an arson attack.

“I didn’t went home when the fire occur. When I come the place red red red. Them saying is the wire, but is nah no wire…[I suspect] that them break the glass and it had a chair right in front here, wa them [throw] in…and start the fire,” he told INews.

At the scene, this online publication also spoke to George’s grandmother, Olivia Stephens who recalled that she was entering her bedroom in the upper floor of her home when she felt an intense heat.

“As soon as I come out to open the bedroom door, I feel the heat. As soon as I feel the heat, I run in the washroom then ah see the fire and I wake meh rasta son fuh tell he fire and I go out side and holler for fire fire and all the neighbours run out and start help,” she recounted.

72-year-old Stephens said this is the first time something of this nature has ever occurred at the home. (Ramona Luthi)


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