CARICOM, South American Heads expected for President Granger’s inauguration

President David Granger

By Jomo Paul

Bobby Vieira [left] and the Permanent Secretary of the Culture Ministry, Alfred King. [iNews' Photo]
Bobby Vieira [left] and the Permanent Secretary of the Culture Ministry, Alfred King. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Heads of State of several Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and South American countries are expected to arrive in Guyana for the official inauguration of President David Granger which will run concurrently with Guyana’s 49th Independence Anniversary celebrations.

This is according to Bobby Vieira, one of the organisers behind the events being planned to mark the Independence Anniversary and the introduction of Guyana’s new APNU+AFC government led by President David Granger.

Vieira at a news conference on May 19 pointed out that the Heads of CARICOM and South American nations have been invited to the official inauguration.

He said it is expected that these individuals will respond in an affirmative manner with respect to their presence in Guyana.

Among the activities planned will be a wreath laying ceremony on the morning of May 26 where eight wreaths will be laid in honour of the persons that fought for Guyana’s independence from Britain pr 1966.

President David Granger
President David Granger

This will be followed by a grand inauguration ceremony which will include entertainment and shows inside the Guyana’s national stadium at Providence.

It was also noted that there would be no flag raising ceremony on May 25 at the National Park. The flag raising ceremony has become a tradition for Guyanese with a sense of patriotism being renewed in many when the Golden Arrowhead is hoisted to a spectacular display of fireworks at the National Park each year.



  1. As a soldier and a well respected individual I condemn this man who calls himself free your speaking from what you think you know and not actually facts of what is really going on in this country which will soon be unveiled so your eyes will be able to see what really was going on behind your face and in front of our enough said have a blessed day

  2. u sure right we were getting on the map slowly with all that drugs going out of Guyana corrupt politicians who r under investigation if we had allowed them another 5 yrs hell yea we would have been red on the map

  3. Sir, of course you are not an idiot, nor are you deaf or blind. However, sir, what is of relevance is that the opposition blocked those projects for the reasons that they stated. Please research their reasons, sir. What is important sir, is that these projects were not introduced into the parliament to be discussed. The parliament would have discussed the cost of the project based upon the estimate of an engineer. The parliament would have discussed the benefit and the relevance of the project at this time. Then, the project would have been voted on and if agreed upon, bids would have been invited from various contractors. The procurement commission would have now come into play to select the best contractor based upon their cost and quality of previous jobs done. This is a broad outline only sir. Please think about these:
    The contracts were signed in secret. Parliament was not informed.
    A particular contractor was chosen by the Govt. No other contractor was given a chance to do the job.
    The cost was agreed upon -no engineer’s estimate was used to do this.
    We knew of these “secret contracts” from the newspapers – local and foreign.
    The opposition made a reasonable decision, sir, to block these deals. Suppose there were other financial agreements made that THEY knew nothing about? Think of these sir, and let it be a start of your education, sir, about how things work in a country. Be honest with yourself sir. Now, sir, please hear and reason. See and evaluate. Then , sir, when you draw the same conclusions that the opposition arrived at, you will know that you are definitely not an IDIOT.

  4. It’s amazing how these same idiots can now enjoy this stadium but had nothing good to say when it was been built. Go figure.

  5. No problem moving forward but if it was fair and square. Guess what? ?? I may be an idiot but I’m not blind or deaf. Do you remember how many projects the APNU blocked in parliament ??And your change of government told the media that President Ramotar stopped them himselff ! What bull crap! I don’t care who says the PPP was stealing or doing wrong all I know is Guyana was getting on the map slowly but surely and all of you who complain should be lucky that under their governance you owned a car or a house or something. Let’s wait and see when you will all start crying blood. Everyone steals from this country. There is no clean government. At least there was progress. Check your history and tell me I’m wrong.


  7. Free you still haven’t been able to process the change that has come about. APNU/AFC is not a BLACK entity, but a coming together of all the races yet your language reeks of racism. Let the divisive past go and help your brothers and sisters of whatever race to go forward together!

  8. Bharrat is a good thing you built a stadium for them to use. They didn’t want it remember??? And still you have no thanks to get. Wonder why they don’t do it by Cuffy. Isn’t that their party place? LMFAO.


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